International Class Association

Class Rules

The X-41 Class Rules is officially recognized by ISAF.

These class rules shall be read in conjunction with the ERS (Equipment Rules of Sailing)

When a term is printed in “bold” the definition in the ERS applies and when printed in “italics” the definition in the RRS applies.

The X-41 Class Rules are Closed Class Rules, where the default is that anything not specifically permitted is prohibited.

X-41 Class Rules

ERS – Equipment Rules of Sailing
RRS – Racing Rules of Sailing
OSR – ISAF Offshore Special Regulations


H1_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Standard_Deck_Fittings.pdf(882.39 kB)

H2_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Race_Package_-_Drawing.pdf(982.60 kB)

H2_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Race_Package_Equipment_List.pdf(19.81 kB)

H3_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Sailplan_rev_A.pdf(1.56 MB)

H4_X-41_Class_Rules_Pos_of_Max_Templates_Rev_A.pdf(637.83 kB)

H5_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Sail_Sticker.pdf(59.35 kB)

H6_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Correction_Weight.pdf(315.30 kB)

H7_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Equipment_Installations_List.pdf(17.46 kB)

H8_X-41_Class_Rules_-_Measurement_Certificate.pdf(32.67 kB)